Full Stack Development

Mern Stack refers to a collection of JavaScript technologies used to develop web applications. Its mainly works on the MERN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS Therefore, from the client to the server and from server to database, everything is based on JavaScript. MEAN is a full-stack development toolkit used to develop fast and robust web applications.


This Full Stack MERN Developer program provides complete knowledge of software development and testing technologies such as JavaScript, Node.js, ReactJs, Docker, and Protractor. You’ll build an end-to-end application, test and deploy code, and store data using MongoDB.

Why do you need Mern Stack Developer

  • MERN stack is a good skill for professionals to have.
  • It is also good for beginners to learn. It is easy.
  • It needs only one programming language.
  • It can be used to build robust , fast web sites and real-time applications.

Duration: 6 Months

Monday to Friday classes

Expected Salary Package: 3.6 Lakhs +

Weekend classes also available

What does a Mern Stack Developer do?

  • Mern stack developer should work on the Front-end and Back-end processes.
  • Mern Stack developer should able to work with HTML & CSS.
  • Knowledge of web development, continuous integration, and cloud technologies.
  • Good understanding of DB architecture
  • Knowledge of SDLC and experience developing in an Agile environment.
  • Collaborate with the IT team to build strong systems to support business objectives.
  • Monitor the performance of web applications & infrastructure.
  • Troubleshooting web application with a fast and accurate a resolution.
  • Of course, hands-on experience on Mongo, Express, React, Node.

Rules & Regulations for Admission

This test is compulsory and admission will be given to the qualified candidates

  1. Written test is compulsory
  2. Aptitude Test
  3. English Test
  4. Pschchometric Test
  5. Technical test 

Eligibility for Placements

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering / MCA with a good academic record
  2. Weekly assessment test to be attended
  3. 100 % attendance is compulsory
  4. Assessment marks during training should be 90% and above
  5. Professional behaviour
  6. Coding skills
  7. Interpersonal skills